Detailing our inventory: Ozone Generator (VIDEO)

by Jeff Watson - Posted 2 years ago

(Image: video screenshot. View video at bottom of post)

We take detailing seriously here at 4 Seasons Auto.

Buying used, you never know who–or what has been in the car before you. Dirt, grime, bacteria, viruses or other yucky things could be lurking in your new-to-you car, invisible to the blind eye!

That's why every 4 Seasons vehicle gets a thorough and complete deep cleaning before hitting our sales floor.

Interior detailing:
• Vacuum/Shampoo all carpets
• Wipe down & disinfect all plastics
• Detail vents
• Clean upholstery
• Clean windows

Exterior detailing:
• Spray down undercarriage
• Detail engine
• Dress all plastics to prevent aging/cracking
• Clean windows

And then we bring in the big guns –– our top of the line Ozone Generator.
This powerful machine provides an impressive 99.9% kill rate on bacteria, viruses and molds.

Wondering how it works? Ozone molecules produced by the machine break apart oxygen molecules which deodorizes, disinfects, and kills dangerous or irritating airborne particles. These machines have been used for years to dislodge and remove harmful things like mold, MRSA, and other bacteria and viruses.

We guarantee our vehicles are clean, sanitized and virus-free. View inventory here.