5 Tips For First Time Car Buyers

by Jeff Watson - Posted 1 year ago

Purchasing a new car is a big deal, but purchasing your first car is an even more momentous decision! We know there are a lot of unknowns and questions, so we've compiled a list of the 5 most asked questions we get from first time buyers. By the end of this read you will be an expert at car buying and ready to hit the lot and choose your very first vehicle to drive home!!

1. Do I need a down payment?

The short answer – yes. In most any vehicle purchase circumstance you will need to provide some amount of down payment towards your new vehicle. The required minimum amount will vary based on a few different factors like vehicle price and loan terms.

Our best advice: save as much as you can prior to purchasing! The bigger your down payment, the lower your monthly payments will be and the more you will save on interest in the long run.

2. Will I be able to get financed?

At 4 Seasons Auto Sales, we provide you with options! We have in-house financing and also work with outside credit union lenders to find you the best rate possible. If a person has bad or no credit it can often be difficult to get financed through credit unions. That is why we offer our in-house credit building program. We look at you as a person, not a credit score! Our favorite saying: "Your Job Is Your Credit!"

Your salesperson will go over your different options and will get you the lowest loan interest rate possible!

3. How much will my payments be?

Again, this totally depends on your loan terms. Your 4 Seasons Auto salesperson will never set you up for failure. They will help you consider your monthly budget and income to make sure you are making a smart financial decisions and set you up for SUCCESS!!

4. Does purchasing a car help me build credit?

Yes! When you are financed through IV Seasons Financial we report every on-time payment to both Experian and Equifax. This program is wonderful because it helps you build credit with each payment. Down the road when you are ready to upgrade to your next car you will have a much improved credit score and more options.

5. What kind of paperwork should I expect?

While the amount of paperwork can seem overwhelming, at 4 Seasons Auto we go slow and take the time to make sure you understand each and every document you are signing. We will never sneak in hidden fees or documents like other dealerships are notorious for. We know trust is built at the foundation and we want to earn your business now and in the future. Our salespeople are specially trained to explain our documents in plain and easy to understand terms - we leave the "car jargon" at the door for first timers!

Now you know the ropes and are ready to start searching for your dream car!

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